Little and More

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Little and More
The Little Band
feb. 28th 2003 – Almere The Netherlands
Label: Little Label LL004

1 Majorca
2 My dreams are getting better all the time
3 Blue turning grey over you
4 Ma, he’s making eyes of you
5 Blue sunshine
6 Glory of love
7 Deed I do
8 Pretty Baby
9 Moonlight bay
10 While we danced at the mardi gras
11 Song of the wanderer
12 The old spinning wheel
13 C’est si bon
14 The quiero dijiste
15 Nobody knows you when you’re down and out
16 My blue heaven
17 I gonna sit right down
18 Wang wang blues

Jasper van Pelt performs only on track 6 and 10

Albert Klein (cl,sax) Frederick H. Sayles (gt, bj, kaz, harm, bongo) Bert Velderman (Sous) Hans Boschma (cnt,tp) Jasper van Pelt (tb)